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Music Magnet Program

Hillcrest Drive Elementary Music Magnet, formerly known as Hillcrest CES Music Magnet, opened in 1981. It is the only elementary Music Magnet school in Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD.  Our music magnet program begins in first-grade and continues through fifth-grade. Music Magnet students are afforded the unique opportunity to study music while building skills in reading, listening, singing, and playing musical instruments. Each of our Music Magnet students receives daily standards-based instruction in which discipline and critical thinking is used to acquire musical skills that are applied toward all academic areas.  
Hillcrest Drive Music Magnet students will benefit from the skillful implementation of all core programs and music instruction. All students in this program receive individual and small group instruction from the music teacher in instrumentation and voice. Additionally, students are given general music instruction in all grade levels, where they gain knowledge and appreciation for various musical genres, composers, and their influence in today’s music. Each year, our students have the opportunity of working with or experiencing live performances by very gifted professional musicians. Ultimately, the goal is that the Music Magnet students will meet or exceed all grade-level academic and arts standards and develop the skills needed to be successful and productive in this 21st Century.  


Our Music Magnet Teachers:

Ms. Papet (Kindergarten) - Room 18

Ms. Axelrad (1st Grade) - Room 21

Ms. Moreno (2nd Grade) - Room 20

Ms. Mirander (3rd Grade) - Room 22

Ms. Mayes (4th Grade) - Room 16

Ms. Robinson (5th Grade) - Room 17

Ms. Bone (Music Teacher)  - Room 33

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Hillcrest Dive Sun singing img
apply for kindergarten at Hillcrest Music magnet. applications are being accepted for the 2022-2023 school year.
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